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Western Sniper

Take up your guns and fight for justice!

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Game Description

Do you enjoy atmospheric gun shooter games in the Western style? Like shootouts, chases, and fights with criminal gangs and their ruthless leaders? Then play our survival sniper action game. Take your weapons and fight for justice!

In this huge Wild West shooting game, you must slay all ragdoll bandits! Try Western Sniper if you want to feel like a cowboy fighting for justice in this cursed land. Explore different areas and prepare to shoot down the intruders!


Thugs with no shame have decided to take over new countries and get away with it. But there is a defender in the area: a fierce sniper who can declare war on the troublemakers, fight back, and restore peace and order to the region. Everything revolves around you!

Feel like a valiant cowboy or a deadly sharpshooter fighting for justice. The battle will be fierce! Will you be able to hold your own against dozens, if not hundreds, of enemies?

In this critical conflict, your gun is your best friend. Aim, shoot, and repeat. These are three basic yet essential guidelines for success in this perilous journey! You must remain in the face of lethal danger and survive at all costs. Shoot back from cover with one or two hands, using various weapons, rifles, pistols, and destroy your opponents in thrilling duels.

This sniper western game will undoubtedly fascinate you with the atmosphere of the Wild West, making you feel not only like a brave cowboy and a gunslinger, but also like a true hero capable of clearing the local region of robber gangs and protecting residents. A thrilling survival action packed with chases and gunfights awaits you. To stay alive and preserve the region, you must be the best sniper till the end. Find a target and destroy all the stickman bandits.


  • One of the most exciting FPS shooting games available
  • A genuine Wild West vibe
  • Gun and revolver shooting modes: aim and look through the scope to see the ragdoll criminals
  • A variety of difficult locations. Shoot them down on a train or a boat. Saloons and old towns are just too simple
  • A game store with a large selection of rifles
  • Real music and sound effects to create a Western ambiance

Gunslinger, put your skills to the test! Begin playing our thrilling online or offline sniper combat game and improve your results to get the most out of it.


Let's get started! It's time to round up all the ragdolls in the neighborhood. You are about to engage in a perilous conflict.

In this FPS game, shoot down all the desired criminals, bang bang!

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