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Watcher of Realms

Embark on an epically enchanting journey with Watcher of Realms!

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Game Description

It's time to journey to the mystical continent of Tya and immerse yourself in a beautiful realm populated with over 100 distinct heroes! Take on the role of a tactical commander with a wealth of resources at your disposal to save this chaotic land plunged in chaos. Construct your camp, acquire and manage heroes from many factions and races, unlock powerful faction lords, and face off against the wicked Ancient Gods.



Excellent audio visual effects. Amazingly immersive:

  • Realistically mystical 3D models of heroes, richly detailed. Top tier motion and facial capture technology help your heroes come to life.
  • Players will fall in love with bespoke animations that bring each hero to life, thanks to excellent CG and character designs in 360 degrees.

Collect and improve over 100 different heroes:

  • Unlock and modify over 100 unique heroes from more than 30 races and eight factions to assemble a powerful team capable of repelling an onslaught of endless monsters and demons. Every hero is worth upgrading, and gathering heroes from the same group has a big impact on a battle.

Diverse RPG features that are refreshing:

  • Get rare resources from dungeon levels full of terrible enemies. To gain an advantage, strengthen and upgrade your hero's characteristics by gathering gear, artifacts, and legendary skill dust.
  • Reinforce your camp and experiment with different game types as you lead your heroes to triumph on the biggest battlefield of them.

Easy to use and highly strategic gaming:

  • Tya's diversified continent features wide deserts, chilly dungeons, massive mountains, and more. Commanders must choose the finest faction and hero combinations to survive as each round presents new difficulties. Charge into battle with your fearless heroes and use precision timing to activate their ultimate talents, AOE magic damage, and healing spells to protect your position!

Broad perspective and diverse tales:

  • Discover a variety of chapters, maps, and levels. Epic faction and hero lore will immerse you in the world of Tya's magic. Each hero has a unique backstory that you may learn about!

More tense BOSS battles:


  • Join forces with guild partners to take on the legendary dragon and rocket to the top of the guild rankings.

Enormous multiplayer PvP bouts:

  • Tower defense as it was intended Your abilities will be displayed in PvP mode. You may climb player rankings and fight your way to the top with numerous PvP themes!

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