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Wasteland Life!

Build towns and structures from the ground up in this entertaining idle game

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Game Description


You've hardly made it. You learn that in order to survive in this harsh environment, you must become proficient in both resource management and strategic thinking as you survey the post-apocalyptic desert landscape. In this entertaining idle-style game, you create cities and buildings from the bottom up while experimenting with different techniques to discover which would bring you the farthest.



Even while this game doesn't have any roving zombie packs or other iconic foes, you'll still need to use caution when navigating the desolate desert. Is it abandoned?

It's possible that you are not as alone as you believe.

Get your vacuums ready, sand is everywhere! Find a vacuum, then start cleaning. You will not only be able to clear land for your future towns as you remove the sand, but you will also find a ton of abandoned appliances and rubbish. As they say, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure,' so gather whatever you come across in case it comes in handy.

Now let's get crafty! Do you recall all the junk you gathered? Use it for building houses, mending damaged bridges, and many other projects, the options are virtually limitless! You can also gather sand and use it to build items, so always have a large supply of materials on hand and don't miss an opportunity to gather more.

Fun in the sun! There's always time to jump into the game and make some serious progress, regardless of how much time you have to spare. The upside of this idle game is that there's no pressure because you'll still be progressing even when you're not able to access the internet. Simply take a seat, unwind, and envision how you'll construct your future kingdom.

Idle yet exuberant. Wasteland Life offers plenty of excitement for those seeking something a bit more involved, even if it focuses primarily on resource gathering and idle gameplay. Set out on missions to gather amazing resources because it will ultimately determine whether or not you can maintain your city. But use caution! You never know what might be waiting for you in the wilderness.



As you battle to not only live but also prosper in this abandoned wasteland that was once our world, this simulation game will undoubtedly put your survival instincts to the ultimate test. Draw up your best strategy and get to work uncovering the land bit by bit, collecting valuable resources along the way that can be used to build houses, settlements, and even cities. Get Wasteland Life now to set out on an exciting adventure of exploration and survival!

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