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War Robots

War Robots is the largest shooter game featuring giant robots!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Commander, it's great to see you!

The largest shooter game about enormous robots that you can carry in your pocket is called War Robots. Participate in intense PvP matches with opponents from across the globe to prove you are the fiercest, fastest, and smartest pilot in the area! Be ready for surprise attacks, devious tactical moves, and other trickery your opponents may pull. Destroy, Take, Adapt! Develop your strength and show that you are the greatest mech commander in the War Robots virtual world!



  • Select your Fighter: Discover a personal style with more than 50 robots featuring distinctive designs and abilities.
  • Play How You Want: Do you want to stomp out and destroy? To preserve and safeguard? or just make your opponents miserable? With the extensive arsenal of weapons, which includes enormous shotguns, plasma cannons, and ballistic missiles, you can accomplish anything!
  • Customize: You can equip any robot with the modules and weaponry of your choosing. Discover your best combination and impress everyone with it!
  • Battle with Friends: Join forces with others! To locate dependable companions and pals! Join a strong clan or even form your own!
  • Battle by Yourself: Would you rather play alone? Specialized game modes such as Arena and Free-for-All allow lone wolves to express themselves!
  • Explore the Lore: With each new release, the War Robots universe gets bigger and bigger, and the community is always expanding and willing to lend a hand.

Commander, good hunting!

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