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Wandering Swordius

Choose your character and embark on an epic adventure, fighting your way through players and monsters alike!

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Game Description

'Wandering Swordius' is an online MMORPG smartphone game based on traditional martial arts skills, inspired by Jin Yong's work 'The Legendary Swordsman'. Players can select a character and go on an exciting journey around the globe, fighting other players and monsters to achieve the peak of martial arts proficiency.

The game includes many martial arts techniques, and each player can select a combat style and improve their skills by participating in various fights and battles.


The game also has a character development system, which allows players to enhance their skills and talents while also acquiring new weapons and equipment.

Players can also engage in PvP fights against other players, compete for resources and territory, and take part in numerous events and tasks.

The game 'Wandering Swordius' features captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and an intriguing martial arts universe that will appeal to all MMORPG lovers.


The Storyline

  • With millions of words of unique story, stunning Chinese paintings, and limitless addicting gameplay, you can experience the ancient Chinese charm of the original work.

PvE and PVP Multiplayer

  • Engage in thrilling multiplayer combat with gamers from all over the world. Join forces with friends or form new alliances as you strategize and coordinate your attacks to battle powerful foes and win. Whether it's teaming up for epic raids or engaging in fierce PVP combat, as seen in open world MMORPG games.
  • PvP modes include 40vs40, cross-server combat, and group survival battles.



  • Customize your character's appearance and equipment to create a distinct and formidable fighter who stands out on the battlefield.
  • Experience the thrill of becoming a master swordsman as you polish your skills and discover a diverse range of lethal weapons, powerful powers, and unique martial arts.


  • Epic guild battles, thrilling tournaments, or simply exploring the wide open world and discovering secret treasures while defeating bosses in over 30 dungeons.

With continuous updates and fresh content, 'Wandering Swordius' makes sure that the adventure never ends. Join a dynamic gaming community that shares your enthusiasm for immersive multiplayer games, MMORPG open worlds, and furious PVP conflicts.

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