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The Walking Zombie 2

Born into the zombie apocalypse, you'll struggle to fight and survive against zombies, bandits and dangerous boss monsters

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Game Description

The world after the zombie apocalypse is gloomy. You were born into it, therefore, you must strive to survive and combat a variety of zombies, bandits, and frightening boss creatures. You'll complete crucial main tasks and numerous side quests, level up your talents and perks, sell and purchase stuff, and converse with the un...lucky survivors.

Walking Zombie 2 is a solid old FPS with a story, dozens of objectives, and lots of shooting with various weapons. Your primary foes are zombies, who already rule the globe. They are everywhere, in many different varieties, and, most importantly, in large numbers. To finish them out, you'll use firearms with various ammunition, grenades, or melee weapons. Meanwhile, you can heal yourself with medical supplies and food. As you accomplish more adventures, your character will grow stronger, with better equipment, improved talents, and new perks. Will you gain more hit points, have a greater chance of picking locks, or consume less fuel while driving around the globe?



  • Classic single player post apocalyptic FPS
  • Attractive modern polygon graphic design
  • Karma system. Good and negative actions result in additional possibilities and encounters
  • Numerous story and side quests
  • Various guns, protection gear, and other equipment
  • Weapon skins
  • A variety of opponents, including zombie walkers, bandits, and massive boss mutants
  • Traders in settlement
  • Fun mini games and sniper missions

Can your narrative have a happy ending after such a horrific beginning? Because of the events surrounding your birth, you are the only one capable of saving the planet. You are immune to the virus that causes humans and animals to become zombies. That also makes you an ideal weapon against the planet's zombie masters, as well as a symbol of hope for a brighter future. Despite the perils hiding around every corner, you will discover the full truth about your origins and seek a means to build a cure with the help of companions you will meet along the way.

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