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Wacky Worms: Diamond Heroes

Welcome to the world of Wacky Worms: Diamond Heroes, the ultimate mobile multiplayer gaming experience!

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Game Description

Welcome to the world of Wacky Worms: Diamond Heroes, the ultimate mobile multiplayer gaming experience! In this addicting and action packed casual snake like game, engage in exciting worm battles, clash with gamers from all over the world, and strive for victory. Prepare to embark on an experience unlike any other, with a focus on exhilarating multiplayer modes and engaging gameplay!



  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Challenge players from all over the world to furious real time worm combat. To conquer the leaderboards, use your strategic talents to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • Various Exciting Game Modes: Battle in a variety of adrenaline pumping game modes
  • Diamond King: To win, collect and deliver gems within the time limit.
  • Ultimate Survivor: Be the last worm crawling and outlast your opponents.
  • Diamond Rush: Collect and deliver diamonds until only one remains victorious.
  • Hunt down worms shorter than you to establish your dominance.
  • Fruit Master: Devour fruits to grow and rise to the top.
  • Diamond Grab: Gather diamonds before they sink in the flooded globe, and hold on tight to win.
  • Exciting Battlegrounds: Immerse yourself in stunning 3D worlds while competing for glory
  • Labs: Go back in time and struggle for success in the genesis of Wacky Worms.
  • Jungle Caves: Explore remote locations in search of valuable jewels and to assert your supremacy.
  • Lava Caves: Explore perilous terrains in search of the most rewarding treasures, and put your talents to the test as you face the challenges ahead.
  • Explore the submerged realm of Flooded Caves, where rare jewels teeter on the brink of drowning during dramatic underwater combat.
  • Kingdom tunnels: Travel through magical kingdom tunnels in search of royal diamonds in magnificent rooms.
  • Ice Caves: Navigate perilous ice caves while battling rivals in frozen passageways for valuable gems.

Build Your Mighty Worm Army: Unlock and expand your worm collection. Participate in competitions, collect trophies and tokens, and unlock chests to level up your characters and uncover new ones. Collect money to improve the abilities of your worms, making them wiser and stronger. Use one of a kind superpowers to get an advantage over your opponents.

Customize Your Worms: Make a statement with a wide range of customization options.

Unlock stunning skins, objects, and backdrops to make your worms really one of a kind.


Equip yourself with uncommon spectacles, amusing mustaches, smart earphones, and a plethora of other accessories to reflect your personality.

Select your favorite game settings and collect rare gold and chromatic skins to improve your skills. Customization choices can be found in the shop, and items and backdrops can be found in chests.

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