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Void Tyrant

Collect cards and build your deck as you battle your way across the galaxy

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Game Description

Create a deck as you battle your way across the galaxy, collecting strong cards along the way. You might be able to regain the Eyes of Chronos with a bit of ingenuity and luck.

A single player journey in which you use over 500 cards and three different classes to build your own deck. Void Tyrant, a roguelike with intriguing intricacy, is based on the simple hit or stand rules of blackjack. Fight odd aliens, defuse traps, upgrade your spaceport, and take on the evil Wruut.


Deck building will appeal to both newcomers and seasoned pros in Void Tyrant.


  • Strategic deck construction and card based combat
  • There are four classes to pick from, each with their own strategy
  • Improve your town to get new abilities and adventures
  • Gather blueprints to build new ships with unique powers and cards
  • Valuable items crammed into gleaming treasure boxes
  • Free with advertising or remove ads with a single purchase
  • Traps, odd creatures, and plenty more surprises

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