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Villagers and Heroes

Discover a mystical, three-dimensional fantasy universe with hundreds of distinct locations, fascinating history, and thrilling missions

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Game Description

A full-fledged mobile MMO at last! Experience a thrilling quest system, hundreds of distinct locations, and a rich, three-dimensional fantasy world, all completely free to play! Become a member of a unique community by playing with thousands of players worldwide.

You will travel through a land full of majestic sights, odd characters in need of a hero, and you will discover the mysteries of the Black Thrush, the mustering of the Stone Lord's secret army, and ultimately the stirrings of Mallok the terrible's return. From the sandy shores of Traven to the emerald forests of Greenhaven, from the sparkling hills of Glittermore to the icy peaks of Stormhold. As you enter Mallok's tower, you will encounter a number of formidable foes, including Egan, the Ogre Overlord of Mulgrew Swamp, Zikiti, the brooding mother of the arachnid horde, and another with a lovely singing voice whose terrifying notes will enthrall the unsuspecting.


These are only a handful of the thousands of foes and locations that await you on your quest through the Seven Realms, ready to test your cunning and resolve. Thankfully, you won't be facing them by yourself! Acquire magical weapons and enchanted gear by building improved facilities in a hamlet with both new and old friends. You can cultivate plants and take care of your animals in your garden to create potions of strength. In order to outfit your character, you can forge special, customized equipment, or you can trade with friends to support them. Of course, you may also always list your crafts at the Auction House for sale.


  • Playable for Free
  • Full CrossPlay: Play on a PC or mobile device without interruption.
  • Join forces with friends to take on stanced, air battles against Mallok's elders in order to obtain the best raid gear.
  • A shared village where you collaborate with your friends to develop and get better
  • Countless difficult Story-Driven Quests, performed by skilled actors
  • Massive World: travel around the Seven Realms, visiting the sandy beaches of Traven, the cold peaks of Shiverspine, the wooded areas of Ardent, and the dense forests of Greenhaven. Your exploration of the globe is essentially endless.
  • Earth Shaman, Lightning Warrior, Fire Wizard, Holy Priest, Fury Warrior, Water Shaman, Ice Wizard, Shadow Priest, and Nature Hunter are the ten completely customizable character builds available for gameplay.
  • There are more than a hundred different mounts to pick from, such as white stallions, wolves, enormous bats, magical unicorns, enormous spiders, leaping bunnies, and others that are imposing, gorgeous, or ominous.
  • Millions of item combinations in the Deep Loot System. Develop your persona to fit your preferred style of play.
  • Special options for customizing characters
  • Create your own weapons and attire, endowing them with the precise magical abilities and valiant feats that you desire.
  • Player-driven economy with an active auction house where you can exchange or sell your crafts with other players
  • Gnogmentation, fishing, mining, bug collection, smithing, tailoring, cooking, foraging, and carpentry
  • Ranching and gardening included with player housing
  • Exceptional Seasonal Event Difficulties
  • Regular updates from a dynamic development team

Unlike other 3D MMOs, Villagers and Heroes is unique. It goes considerably beyond that. Visit us to see why!

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