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Viking Rise

Explore, plunder & conquer the world of Midgard as the leader of your Viking tribe!

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Game Description

Explore Valhalla with your clan and feel the rush of adventure! Conquer new regions, claim victory, and leave your own legacy!

Valhalla is calling!


Play as the Viking chieftain and lead your Tribe to the conquest of Midgard! Set out on your journey with great Viking heroes from the past.

What enemies will you face in this worldwide competition? What new buddies will you make?

Viking Rise is a real time, online multiplayer battle strategy game. You take on the role of a Viking King, directing your Tribe through Valhalla in the unknown world of Midgard. Explore Valhalla, plunder, hunt, and fight your way to great fortune, fame, and power. To conquer Midgard, form alliances with other players, support one another, and kill all enemies!

Masterpiece of Audiovisual Arts

Step into the Vikings' realm. Explore gorgeous waters and towering mountains, witness genuine seasonal changes, and wonder at the enormous Nordic landscape's magnificence. Immerse yourself in the land of Midgard thanks to an original soundtrack composed by famous composer Mikolaj Stroinski.

Global Multi Player Battlegrounds

Compete against players from all across the world or fight alongside allies. Demonstrate your abilities as a Viking leader. As you stake your claim on Midgard and create your empire in Valhalla, you must balance strategy, diplomacy, and combat.

Create Your Own Territory

Conquer Valhalla and hire new recruits to expand your area and strengthen your Tribe. Viking style constructions can be used to customize your region. Develop your territory into a lucrative trading center, a resource rich location, or a formidable military fortress.

Naval Operations

Lead your Vikings over uncharted oceans in search of new lands in Valhalla! Use the water to ambush rivals and loot their resources, sail to overtake opponents on land in the race for important regions, or use your ship to flee from dangerous situations. Combine your navigation and naval combat abilities to create more effective plans!

Combat in Real Time

Fight your opponents in real time on a huge globe map. In real time, survey your battlefields and issue commands. Form alliances and fine tune your tactics to crush your adversaries and become the greatest in Midgard.

Fight alongside the Viking Heroes

Recruit legendary Viking Heroes to fight beside you in battle to become a true Viking monarch! Call upon Ragnar, Bjorn, Ival the Boneless, Snake Eyed Sigurd, Harald Bluetooth, Rollo, Valkyrie, and other legendary Norse figures to fight for you.


Tame the Ancient Dragon.

Send your Heroes to chase down Norse mythological roaring creatures. Seek riches among enigmatic ruins and caves. Tame the huge mythical dragon to get a significant fighting advantage. Make your mark as one of Midgard's greatest legends!

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