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Vendir: Plague of Lies

In this gloomy RPG, a mythic adventure awaits your crew, and only you can put an end to the darkness that consumes a kingdom

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Game Description

When an ancient prophecy is discovered, two siblings are revealed to be the ones destined to free the Kingdom of Vendir from the despotic, evil forces that have engulfed it.

In this gloomy RPG, a mythic adventure awaits your crew, and only you can put an end to the darkness that consumes a kingdom.


The once mighty kingdom of Vendir is now ruled by the tyrannical King Elrik, who reigns with an iron grip, his judgments harsh and his punishments painful. When two siblings discover an ancient prophecy predicting the end of Elrik's reign, they must travel from one muddy end of the Kingdom to the other, stirring Elrik's fury along the way. In a Kingdom engulfed in a plague of lies, challenge the truth.

Vendir: Plague of Lies is a classic party based RPG with a strong plot and combat that relies heavily on cooperation. Expect many hours of gameplay with memorable characters, furious fights, rich and intriguing objectives, character talents, and gear growth reminiscent of old school RPGs from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

A vibrant and vivid universe bursting with the 'old school vibes' of classic CRPGs.

  • Investigate a tactical role playing game set in a dark fantasy realm. Can you avoid King Elrik's anger and save the kingdom?

Take part in huge turn based battles.

  • A complex and sophisticated warfare system that is simple to learn yet difficult to master. Defend yourself with swords, magic, or both.

Loot and fight your way through Vendir's empire.

  • A game with complicated crafting mechanisms and intriguing collectibles, as well as significant plot ramifications.

A talent tree with hundreds of skills to learn.


  • Numerous classes, including Warrior, Thief, Necromancer, and Plague Doctor, contribute to the game's massive replayability.

A multifaceted story that splinters depending on your choices

  • Lore heavy talks in which you, as the hero, make decisions with long-term consequences.

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