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Hone Your Parkour Skills from Over One Hundred Feet in the Air!

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Game Description

Feel the Wind on Your Face!

You can't take it anymore. The iron-fisted oppression, the constant surveillance, and the bone-crushing rigidity are finally beginning to catch up to you. You have to get out of here. You have to cast off the mind control device they've wrapped around your skull. You have to run, feel the freedom of the rush, and prove that your will can no longer be controlled by their machinations.

Welcome to Vector, a dystopian world that you are no longer a part of. You have wrested your freedom from the system. Now you have to preserve it by hightailing away from the people in charge.


You must run like you have never run before on rooftops and skyscrapers without ever slowing down. The hunters are hot on your heels; if they catch up to you, it's over! Leap from one building to the next, crash into windows, roll under overhangs, vault over obstacles, and pull off every freerunning trick in the book to stay at least ten steps ahead.

Do you have the speed, agility, endurance and strength of will to remain free of the system? Don't answer that. You don't think in Vector; you just run!

Touchscreen Parkour

Vector is a game of constant motion. Half running game and half platformer, your goal is to run across the city skyline without getting caught by the hunters behind you. They are fast, relentless and will not stop until they have you enslaved to the system again. Therefore, you have to be even faster. Run fast, jump high, and don't ever look down!

  • Features gorgeously animated 2D visuals with lifelike parkour maneuvers.
  • Complete over 40 challenging levels.
  • Run through downtown, a construction zone, a technology park, and more.
  • Features responsive touchscreen controls. Swipe upward to leap over chasms and vault over obstacles, swipe downward to slide under obstructions, and swipe to the side to sprint a small distance.

Be a Parkour Master

It's good if you can evade the hunters. It's better if you can do so in style. Like all good things, your performance is being graded. If you want to escape from the hunters in the best possible way, then be prepared to take a few more daring risks at fasts speeds and high altitudes.


  • Buy clothes to change the look of your runner's silhouette.
  • Purchase tricks from the in-game store to make your escape look cooler than ever.
  • Perform tricks and collect data cubes to earn a three-star grade in every level.
  • Unlock challenging bonus levels that will put your parkour talents to the test.

Go the Distance

Vector is a stylish little game that's a snap to learn, but a beast to master. It's a joy to watch your rebellious runner leap over alleyways, roll under water towers, and somersault gracefully after falling from great heights. A lot of work was put into the running animations to make the characters move as fluidly as any real life traceur, making them just as much of a joy to see in action. Vector is also highly challenging; one wrong move, one missed jump, and one clumsy trip are more than enough the end your run for good.

If you want speed, style and originality, then take off with Vector and don't look back!

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