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Vampire Survivors

The indie phenomenon that lets you experience bullet hell on mobile has finally arrived!

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Game Description

A time survival roguelike RPG with simple gameplay is called Vampire Survivors.

The indie phenomenon that lets you experience bullet hell on mobile has arrived!


There is nowhere to escape or hide in Hell, where the devils are present. Until death ultimately puts an end to your struggles, stay alive as long as you can. In each run, collect gold to use for upgrades and to aid the following survivor.

Kill tens of thousands of nighttime animals while enduring until daylight! A gothic horror casual game featuring roguelite and roguelike components is called Vampire Survivors. You can quickly snowball against the hundreds of creatures that are thrown at you by making the right decisions.

Use your touchscreen to pit your mettle against the legions of hell. You'll gain an advantage if you survive the wave!


Battle swarms of foes, kill creatures, and survive to the end of the game alone! Without having a large arsenal of powerful weapons, it is impossible to defeat an enemy force. This roguelike game offers everything. Cross, garlic, the King James Bible, or a magic wand? Your decision is yours.

Develop your abilities to reach your full potential as a warrior. Make the most of this heroic survival by engaging in merciless combat with terrible and frightening hell creatures!

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