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Unleash your inner bridge builder with breathtaking graphics and cutting edge physics!

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Game Description

A puzzling bridge building game with realistic physics!

In our bridge construction mini game, you may unleash your inner bridge builder with breathtaking graphics and cutting edge physics!


Build a bridge sturdy enough to resist a passing truck across 64 distinct bridge construction stages encompassing varied settings such as icy terrains, expansive valleys, meandering rivers, bustling towns, and quiet canals.

Immerse yourself in our painstakingly constructed bridge settings and lifelike truck models, and even enjoy the spectacle of truck wrecks and bridge collapses as they occur!

Use the limited resources to build a strong and unique bridge that will pave the way for the truck and leave a lasting impression on the field of bridge construction. With each step, you will progress toward becoming a master bridge builder and breaking bridge construction records.

Construct a bridge, assist the truck in reaching its target, and explore into fascinating places! Collaborate with other players online in thrilling guild conflicts, and put your abilities to the test against rivals from all over the world in the coveted glory arena!

Are you prepared for the daunting difficulties that await you on Oasis?

Drag your warriors onto the battlefield to wipe off the Shadow troops and restore peace to the Oasis.



  • Over 70 Heroes from five distinct factions await! Build your squad, level up the heroes and train them to supremacy
  • The idle gameplay gives you plenty of relaxing time!
  • Set up your lineup and the Heroes will defeat rivals automatically.
  • Send Heroes to bounty offer to get bonus while you are away.
  • Simple Strategies. Easy to operate.
  • Deploy your heroes on the right rows in tactical battles, with just a few swipes on the screen.
  • You have a lifetime of adventures ahead of you.
  • Begin your incredible adventure in the Oasis to battle the Shadow forces and uncover the secret truth of Oasis.

Investigate the Mysterious Realms! Collaborate with other Guild War players online! In the Glory Arena, you can compete against players from all over the world!

A plethora of particularly designed events are held on a regular basis.

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