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Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Solve puzzles, heal wounded & become the hero in this World War I adventure

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Game Description

Become an unsung hero. In this sequel to the well liked adventure game influenced by World War I, solve puzzles, fly above the turmoil, and treat the injured.

Two brothers battle to survive the trenches and locate one another as World War I rages on. New heroes who will participate in the joy of rejoining and surviving the horrors of the Western Front will cross their paths, too.


The follow up to the BAFTA Award winning video game Valiant Hearts: The Great War is titled Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. The original game's sequel will continue to depict tales of regular individuals who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances during World War I.


  • A cartoon adventure in the vein of a graphic novel: Immerse yourself in a strikingly original and emotive experience, from the depths of the sea and the stormy skies to the trenches of the Western Front.
  • Play these four underrated heroes: As their paths meet, aid each of these people in surviving the horrors of the trenches with the assistance of their devoted dog.
  • A blend of discovery, action, and puzzles: As you advance through the narrative, you'll encounter many gameplay elements, like the ability to fly above the turmoil, fly through enemy lines, heal the wounded, and even make music.
  • Survive the Great War: You'll relive real life World War I sites and battles in this fictional tale. Experience the Meuse Argonne attack, the Jutland naval combat, and the long awaited Armistice relief as you emerge from the water.
  • Discover more about World War I: Detailed information about significant occasions during these turbulent times is provided via historical facts and real photographs, with a specific emphasis on the Harlem Hellfighters. This interactive history is more than simply a game.

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