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Ever wanted to become an Oil Tycoon? Now you can!

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Game Description

The oil boom in 19th-century North America served as the inspiration for the casual business simulation game Turmoil. It was created by Dutch video game firm Gamious, and LTGames handled publishing. On your journey to becoming a prosperous oil entrepreneur, you face competition and the passage of time in Turmoil. Start making a killing off the oil, and watch the town expand alongside you!

Real-time planning and management of oil fields


Purchase land at the town auction, then use dowsers, moles, or scans to find oil. Buy wagons and silos to carry and store the oil, and construct an effective pipe network to get it above ground. Wait until the price is right before selling, or utilize natural gas to drive up the price of oil.

Update Technology and Widen Your Network

Your oil drilling operation will benefit from several modifications and new gear. They are necessary to drill through rocks, deal with pockets of natural gas, and stop oil spills. Don't forget to stop by the saloon; you might receive some very enticing business propositions there!

Acquire stocks and run for mayor

Start at the bottom and work your way up! Money is not the only factor in unrest; town shares are also necessary. To win the game, use your hard-earned money to outbid your competitors in the stock auction and take over as mayor!

Randomly Seeded World, Push Your Boundaries

A nearly infinite range of oil-drilling tasks are offered by various settings and randomly created levels. Test your skills against other gamers to see who's the genuine thing!


Prepare for the New DLC, the Heat Is On!

You may enjoy the same oil drilling pleasure in a brand-new campaign that has unique bonuses and difficult twists. The addition of magma to the subsurface poses a threat but also presents opportunities. Although you can also find underground artifacts and sell them in the village, it might be more advantageous to collect them all. Play cards at the saloon to increase your earnings!

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