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Truck Simulator PRO USA

Embark on a journey acrossed the greatest American highways and roads!

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Game Description

Set out on your biggest adventure! American highways and roadways are waiting for you!

Truck Simulator PRO USA takes you on the ultimate hauling trip! Explore enormous highways and magnificent scenery across the United States to immerse yourself in the world of American trucking. Transport goods, take on difficult jobs, and create your own trucking empire.


Drive Genuine American Trucks:

  • Drive a selection of authentic American trucks, including renowned brands and models. As you navigate towns, roads, and off road routes, you will feel the might and precision of these gigantic vehicles. Customize and modify your trucks to match your personality and improve their performance.

Investigate Iconic American Landscapes:

  • Set out on a tour through America's unique and breathtaking landscapes. Drive through vibrant towns, picturesque farmland, and enormous deserts to appreciate the beauty and variety of American scenery. Experience realistic weather and day night cycles to enhance the immersive experience.

Completing Difficult Missions:

  • As you advance in your trucking profession, you will be able to take on a variety of exciting missions and challenges. Transport numerous types of cargo, navigate tight spaces, and conquer roadblocks. As you accomplish missions effectively, you will earn rewards and unlock new opportunities.

Create Your Trucking Empire:


  • Begin as a part time trucker and work your way up to become a well known and wealthy transportation magnate. Spend your profits carefully to develop your fleet, employ skilled drivers, and start your own logistics company. Manage your firm strategically to maximize earnings and dominate the transportation market.

Key characteristics include:

  • Immersive gameplay in a realistic American truck simulator
  • A large range of genuine American trucks to drive
  • Investigate well known American landscapes and cities.
  • Missions and challenges that put your talents to the test
  • Customize and improve the performance of your trucks.
  • Weather and day night cycles that are realistic

Truck Simulator PRO USA is the game for you if you enjoy truck simulators and want to have an authentic trucking experience in the United States. Prepare to hit the road and take over the American transportation sector!

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