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Train Simulator Pro

Prepare for the ultimate rail adventure with Train Simulator PRO!

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Game Description

Have you ever wanted to be a railway engineer? Train Simulator PRO allows you to pilot meticulously recreated locomotives as they steer passenger or freight trains over the eastern part of the United States. Whether you prefer speedy passenger locomotives or massive freight movers capable of pulling dozens of cars, this game has it all. Whatever route you take, keep an eye out for speed limits, rail crossings, signals, and other trains. Plan your route carefully to maximize revenues and build the most powerful railway corporation in the United States!

Throughout your journey, you will be able to appreciate photo realistic images of towns, suburbs, factories, country sides, and much more. For optimum authenticity, each locomotive has a meticulously modeled engineer's cabin complete with operational levers and gauges. However, you must exercise caution because driving carelessly or applying the brakes for an extended period of time may cause harm to the train. So put on your engineer's hat and let's get started!



  • Almost 1000 square miles of land
  • 15 cities to visit and choose a career in
  • 6 distinct locomotives
  • 14 detailed automobiles, 3 passenger and 11 freight
  • Damage system for locomotives and automobiles
  • cabins for locomotives with interactive levers and gauges
  • Dynamic weather and a day night cycle
  • Other trains and road traffic
  • Graphics that are photorealistic
  • Advanced signaling and speed control systems

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