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Toy Blast is a puzzle lover's paradise!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Addictive matching puzzle game play
  • Lots of power ups to use and exploit
  • Adorable graphics and cute theme
  • Social integration makes it possible to go head to head with friends
  • Easy to learn but requires strategy for success


  • Matching puzzles become repetitive
  • Rounds end too soon
  • Cutesy theme may deter some players




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Game Description

A Toy Themed Puzzle Wonderland!

In Toy Blast, you are given free rein of Amy’s toy box. Amy has tons of toys and colorful blocks for you to play with. Amy’s idea of a good time is arranging colorful blocks on a grid, and your job is to make a match of two or more to clear the blocks from the board. Though you can make small matches of only two or three, the game rewards you for making bigger matches. Strategy is key.


Challenging Gameplay

Making matches of blocks on the board sounds simple enough, but Toy Blast adds a surprising twist that increases the difficulty level significantly. Each level, the number of moves you can make on the board is limited. You must make every move count in order to clear the level and move on through toyland. This requires thought, strategy and a pinch of good luck!

Explosive Fun

Toy Blast will reward you for making big matches on the board in the form of power ups. These power up toys are rockets, trains, TNT blocks and other whimsical things. Activating these power ups will explode the board, raking in big points. Combine ink two or more power ups will lead to the creation of a bigger and better power up that will do amazing things. These power ups are a real blast!

Puzzling Puzzles

Each level is unique in its obstacles, amount of moves and grid shape, keeping things fresh and interesting, round after round.

Play With Friends

Connect Toy Blast to your Facebook account to go head to head with the high scores of your friends. Work hard and top the Facebook Leaderboard to prove that your matching skills are the best!

Adorable Hand Stitched Graphics

The graphics in Toy Blast are whimsical, colorful and charming, with a handmade look that is sweet and special. The main character of the game, Amy, can be seen throughout the levels knitting new toy friends to play with. As such, many of the toys in the game look like they’re made of yarn! The textures are rich, the colors are punchy and the animations are exciting! You will love getting lost in this fantastic childhood wonderland of toys.

Excellent Sound

Toy Blast sounds the way it looks; magical, whimsical and fun! Explosive moves on the board are accompanied by exciting sound effects that make those big moves more exciting! The music in Toy Blast is charming and sweet, providing the perfect soundtrack for hours of toy collecting fun!


Free To Play

Toy Blast is absolutely free to play. There are optional in app purchases that can make your journey through toyland easier, but they are totally optional. Players are given 5 lives to start with, and once those lives are used up, you can either buy more lives or wait for your lives to be replenished by the game for free.

Toy Blast Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn is a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games.

Toy Blast is a toy themed puzzle game that follows the adventures of Amy, a crafty kid who knits and sews new toys to add to her large collection of friends. Amy frequently misplaces these toys, and it’s up to you to help her find them again. Does this simple little puzzle game stand out from other puzzle games? Read on to find out!

Strangely Addictive Gameplay


Toy Blast is a matching puzzle, which is a very common type of puzzle on mobile. However, this is not your typical match-3 style game. In Toy Blast, there is no swapping of pieces. Instead, you work with whatever is on the board, as-is. If two or more blocks of the same color are together on the board, you can click them to clear them from the game grid. Being able to make small matches of two pieces sounds simple, but each level gives you a certain number of moves. Burning a move on a small match of two blocks is not a winning strategy, and you will lose if you don’t work to make your moves count.

When you create large matches of multiple pieces, the game will reward your efforts in the form of power-ups. It’s always easy to see opportunities for power-ups thanks to the icons on the blocks. This makes fast gameplay possible, and it’s a great feature.

Toy Blast’s gameplay is strangely addicting. Trying to manipulate the board to make the biggest moves possible is a fun challenge, and those big moves are rewarded with plenty of pomp and circumstance from the game in the form of awesome animations. Nice!

If you manage to meet the level’s requirements without using up all of your moves, the game turns your moves into power-ups that are then sprinkled across the game board and triggered, ending your round with a literal bang.


Toy Blast is rich with power-ups that impact gameplay significantly, and using them is a natural part of gameplay. If you make matches with multiple blocks, you will be given rotors, TNT blocks, puzzle cubes and more that will clear away blocks in exciting ways once activated. You can use them manually during the round, or you can let them accumulate and sit on the board unused until the end. The game will automatically set them off once the level is cleared and you will receive points for the blocks they blast.

It’s good to stop and think prior to setting off power-ups because they will sometimes ruin what could have been a very lucrative play on the board. This is another area where thought and strategy is required. If you can get two or more power-ups together, they can be combined for explosive results! My personal favorite is combining the puzzle cube with the TNT. Craziness ensues with this combo! Fun, fun, fun!

It’s Cute With a Side of Adorable

Amy is the main character of Toy Blast, and she is genuinely adorable. We often see her hard at work, knitting a new plushie friend that will inevitably need saving at some later level, because like a real child, Amy misplaces things. Amy’s handiwork is present throughout the game with handstitched and knitted charm. Amy even knitted a plush car with great results. So cute!

The toys are alive, a la Toy Story, and they cheer when you clear them from the board. Everything about this game, from the colors used to the art style, is sweet, simple and cute. It’s sure to make players think back to their own childhoods, where toys were all they needed to pass a lazy afternoon. Many games have had a cute theme, but few are going to be able to top Toy Blast.

Great Graphics and Sound

Most games have something that could be improved in terms of sound or graphics, but that’s not the case with Toy Blast. The graphics are simplistic but colorful, fitting the game’s theme perfectly. The sound effects are just right, especially during explosions, and the soundtrack is cute, sweet and pleasant to listen to, round after around.

Social Integration

Is there anything more motivating than a leaderboard? Toy Blast has Facebook integration, making it possible to completely obliterate the high scores of your friends. As you play through the levels, Toy Blast helpfully displays the top scores within your circle of friends, and setting a new high score is a satisfying thing, indeed. Is it immature to try, try, try again to beat a rival’s score? Perhaps, but if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Repetitive Puzzles

Toy Blast tries hard to stave off boredom with their ever changing obstacles and requirements. These elements provide essential challenge to be sure, but after the first 20-30 levels, it feels like every level of Toy Blast is basically the same. If you love the puzzles, this won’t be an issue. I love the puzzles, so it’s not exactly a problem. However, if you don’t love puzzles, Toy Blast will end up feeling rather repetitive.

Rounds End Too Soon!

If I had a dime for every time Toy Blast ended my round too soon, I’d have enough pocket change for a coffee, at least. Everything is going fine. The TNT is only one space away from the Puzzle Cube! Then TOY BLAST pops up and my chance to combine them is lost! For players like me who basically care more about creating the biggest BOOM on the board possible than getting the highest score, this is frustrating.

Too Cute To Handle?

Do you have a hard time handling things that are excessively cute? Do you feel slightly allergic to things that are adorable? If so, Toy Blast might be too much to handle. Everything including the graphics, the sound and the concept is adorable. If you can’t stomach cute, this is not the game for you.



Toy Blast is a matching puzzle that distinguishes itself from the rest with its style and addictive gameplay. It’s a puzzle lover’s paradise, with over 300 levels of explosive puzzling fun to play through. With a pricetag of free, there is no reason not to give this carefully crafted game a try. It scores a very solid 7.0, Great!

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