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Toram Online

Set off on a massive and magnificent fantasy adventure!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

The earth crumbled into pieces after a terrible calamity struck the globe decades ago. The gods grabbed the fragments that were strewn around and hastily reassembled them. The end effect was a strangely mosaic-like universe.

The country that once existed there has vanished. The people were divided into four factions as a result of the four tribes' ongoing conflicts over values and interests.


It was then that you, as an adventurer, entered this strange planet.

To face the enigmas that are covertly spreading, the adventurer engages in a number of encounters with individuals from the four factions that make up the universe.

No limitations on character creation!

  • Feel free to customize your own persona with over 500 billion possible combinations!

Sword? Magic? Anything at all!

  • 'Profession' does not exist in Toram, unlike RPGs, which is frequently the case. Sword? Magic User? Bow? Halberd? You are free to choose how you want to fight!

Develop and train your character to the hilt!

  • Including a 'Skill Tree' system that lets players strengthen and improve their characters however they see fit.
  • Make combinations to find your unique fighting technique!

Color-changing weapons and gear!

  • When you acquire equipment with 'Color Info', you can customize your preferred weapon's color!
  • Furthermore, as you advance through the game, you have complete control over the abilities of your equipment!

Take your companions on a cross-country journey!


  • Playable role-playing game that links you to pals virtually across the nation!
  • Joining forces with your friends could help you take down that formidable monster that you are unable to defeat alone! Come explore this huge and breathtaking 3D environment with lots of friends!

Play party games by yourself, too!

  • Even when you are playing by yourself, you may still have fun with party play by enlisting the help of other players' 'mercenary' characters and engaging in combat with them, or by calling upon a 'partner' from within your own sub-characters!

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