Tiny Island Survival

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Tiny Island Survival

Survive on a deserted island and learn it's mysterious secrets!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

An island survival game played on one screen! Simple controls allow for speedy progress.

Discover the Island's Secret


  • You were shipwrecked and ended up on an uninhabited island, but then you see smoke billowing from the trees. Maybe someone lives here. Explore the island, go further into the forest, and discover the island's secrets.

Simple Controls

  • The game takes place on a single screen, so you won't get lost. There is no need for tedious travel from one location to another. Simply travel farther into the forest.

Simple but Fun For Completionists


  • Collect items to help you survive. Upgrade your weapons and armor. Improve your health.


  • Can be played in short spurts to pass the time
  • Encapsulated on a single screen
  • Fun and bright pixel art
  • Simple gameplay with depth for completists

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