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Create a Virtual Community in the Palm of Your Hand!

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Game Description

Get Ready for a Mobile Gaming Experience Like No Other!

The simulator may not be the most prevalent genre in mobile gaming, but Tiny Tower proves that it most certainly has a place there. This is a game where you set out to create a thriving place of business in a large scale city.

Construct and design a tower floor by floor, populate it with a variety of virtual people called bitizens, and then decide how you want to make money. Will you turn your building into an upscale condo? Will it be the location of the greatest eatery in the country? Will you effectively make a skyscraper-sized interior theme park where the fun never ends?


The power is literally in your hands with Tiny Tower and you’ll quickly find that there is no wrong way to play.

Design You Tower

This game is not called Tiny Tower for nothing. Your tower is not only there to look pretty in the game’s retro 8-bit world; it’s a valuable asset that could make you rich! There’s space to rent and money to be made and there’s no shortage of ways of using one to getting the other. No two towers will ever be alike.

  • Customize the aesthetic appearance of your tower one floor at a time. Determine the color scheme, design the room layout, and more.
  • Purchase additional stories for your tower and fill them up with more money-making ventures.
  • Choose from over 100 types of businesses to support in your building. Bring in money with a restaurant, a comedy club, a game studio, a clothing store, a pet shop, and much more!
  • Set up residential floors for your bitizens to settle in during their off-hours or while they’re unemployed.
  • Buy an elevator that can transport your bitizens and their customers from floor to floor quickly.
  • Keep the inventory of your shops in check and stock up on goods once they run dry.
  • Earn regular money and use it to restock your merchandise and add new floors to your building.
  • Earn a special currency called Tower Bux and use it to enhance gameplay in a variety of ways. Upgrade your elevator, expedite the construction process, improve the quality of your businesses, and more.
  • Get extra money from tips by manually operating the elevator or by helping bitizens find their buddies in the building.

Get to Know Your Bitizens

The tower may be yours, but Tiny Tower isn’t just about you. Your building isn’t going to amount to anything if it doesn’t have any people populating it. The bitizens really help add more character to the game, especially since they are unique characters in and of themselves.

  • Every bitizen has a distinct name, appearance, personality, and skill set that make them more suitable for different jobs.
  • Improve your bitizens’ moods by employing them in their dream jobs and making sure that they are perfectly accommodated for.
  • Watch the bitizens mill around the tower like ants. Observe them as they go to work, do some shopping, take time off at home, ride the elevator, and so on.
  • Customize the appearance of your bitizens. Change their clothes, accessories and hair styles. Purchase new unique costumes for them from the in-game store to really bring out their individuality.
  • Check out the Bitbook to get an inside look at your bitizens’ personalities. Read their thoughts and comments to immerse yourself in the world and to possibly get a few clues into making their lives better.
  • Be on the lookout for each bitizen’s birthday. You just might get something good when the big day arrives.

Draw in the VIPs

Tiny Tower is not always about busywork. Sometimes, your tower will attract people that stand out from the usual crowd of consumers. These VIPs will grant all sorts of tremendous bonuses to your building with their presence alone. Keep an eye out for them and be sure to use their abilities to their maximum potential while they are present.

  • The Construction Worker will speed up the building rate of new floors.
  • The Delivery Man will quicken the pace that stores take to restock their goods.
  • The Celebrity will draw a large crowd of customers everywhere she goes.
  • The Big Spender will buy out the entire stock of a specific item.
  • The Real Estate Agent will move new bitizens into your tower’s residential areas.

Complete Your Mission

Business will be anything but usual on some days. It could be just another day in paradise when all of sudden, this stranger you’ve never seen before appears. You may not know who this odd person is, but he or she will request an equally odd and incredibly large-scale order from you. Complete the order on time and you’ll find yourself as the proud owner of some rare and very valuable Tower Bux!


  • Begin preparations for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and more.
  • Supply some no-good thieves with the stuff they’ll need to pull off a heist on a rival tower.
  • Set up one mad tea party with a familiar hatter who’s not all there.
  • And much more!

A Tower of a Game

Don’t let the name fool you! Tiny Tower is easily one of the biggest games you can find for the pocket-sized device of your choice. Its versatility and sheer scale dwarfs the capabilities of most other mobile games. Your tower’s height can measure by dozens of stories, you can fill it with hundreds of shops, and populate it with thousands of people.

Combined with all sorts of random events that can mix up the monotony and nearly 50 achievements to unlock, and you have something you can come back to easily in the future. Tiny Tower can easily become your portable home away from home.

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