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Tile Busters

Prepare for daily obstacles and keep your memory sharp!

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Game Description

Playing Tile Busters for 10 minutes every day will enhance your thinking. Prepare for daily obstacles and keep your memory sharp. This game will keep you entertained for hours!

Play this tile matching game and solve problems to clean the board. The puzzles will help you relax while also increasing your IQ. If you prefer puzzle games like Match 3, Sudoku, or Mahjong, you will enjoy the relaxing effects of this game.


You'll want to return to tackle the daily puzzles with different mechanics and lots of rewards. There are numerous puzzles and games that are updated on a daily basis.

Complete gorgeous settlements by solving unique and ever changing puzzles, and don't forget to admire the lovely artwork and elements.


  • Tap on the puzzle board to match three of the same tiles.
  • Unwind by clearing the board.
  • Use tactics to overcome the blockages Ice, Chain, Glue, and Tile Maker.
  • Compete in Tournaments, Leagues, and Car Races against other players.
  • Time Challenges pit you against yourself.
  • Use 5 distinct boosters and put your strategy into action.
  • Thousands of changing riddles will challenge and train your brain.
  • Create and explore several Towns with distinct themes!

With this mindful puzzle game, you may improve your zen, exercise your brain, and stay in the moment. Begin playing Tile Busters right away! It's ideal for when you're bored or need a break!

This game is much more difficult than it appears and quite addictive!!

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