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Three Kingdoms Overlord

Can you unify the Three Kingdoms?

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Game Description

Three Kingdoms: Overlord.

Relive the Three Kingdoms Period's history through hundreds of cities.


City Government. Military. Strategy. An old-school Three Kingdoms simulation game. Play as a vassal in the Three Kingdoms Period, attempting to unify the entire country.

The fate of your kingdom rests in your hands!


  • Detailed world map.
  • All details on the world map are readily visible.
  • Whenever a city's ownership changes, it will be plainly highlighted on the globe map.


  • Hundreds of towns from ancient China await your conquering.
  • After seizing a city, you can administer it and develop new buildings.
  • By constructing Huts, Markets, and Farms, you will gain the resources needed for battle.


  • Heroes play a crucial role in your victory.
  • The Heroes Union allows you to enlist a wide range of heroes.
  • To maximize the potential of your heroes, you must boost their levels and ranks and equip them with high-quality weapons and horses.
  • Through careful development, your heroes will become unstoppable.



  • It is difficult to unify this war-torn country with your sword alone. Why not find an ally?
  • Once you have unified the entire country, you and your ally will reap the benefits of victory!
  • Skills from the Strategist Camp could help you turn the tide of battle.


  • This game is round-based. You can always start a new game at any time, regardless of how you performed in the previous one.
  • In Three Kingdoms: Overlord, there is no end to strategy and warfare.
  • If you failed to vanquish your adversaries, invent stronger strategies to crush them in the future!
  • If you've unified the country, do your best to continue your reign of supremacy!

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