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The Tower

In this simple idle game, construct the most ultimate tower possible

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

A new take on tower defense. In this simple idle game, construct the tallest tower possible.

Construct the Ideal Tower of Defense


The idle tower defense game, Tower, is now available. In this incremental tower defense game, you take control of a single tower and can enhance it permanently to create the ideal defensive structure.

Keep Your Tower Safe

  • Destroy waves of adversaries while defending your tower and using strategic decision-making to repel the assault. Play a challenging tower defense game with constantly changing tactics.

Constant Improvements

  • Get strong tower upgrades that will let you construct long-lasting, drastically different gameplay. Select the most effective tactics for both the big picture and each individual combat.

More Than Meets the Eye

  • More than just the traditional tower defense game is available in The Tower: Idle Tower Defense. Discover new regions, take down formidable enemies, and investigate an array of tactical options. Greater than what first appears! We want to provide you with the most thrilling experience possible, even though idle games are enjoyable!



  • Simplistic tower defense gameplay that is addictive
  • An absurd amount of available improvements
  • Use your precious coins to invest in a tower in the workshop that will always be powered on.
  • Look into new upgrades to access game features.
  • When not in use or engaged in active play, keep unlocking fresh research.
  • Manage and unlock your card collection to add enormous bonuses to your tower.
  • Take on other players in real-time competitions to obtain ultimate weapons

In this brand-new idle tower defense game, will your flawless tower withstand the test of time?

In this exclusive incremental tower defense game, take on the task of taking control of the Tower. Create the ideal tower for yourself, keep it updated, and protect it until it is destroyed. Show off your tactical prowess in this challenging game! Playing games while idle is enjoyable!

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