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The Sims FreePlay

Watch your community of Sims grow!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

With The Sims FreePlay, you may freely create, customize, design, and construct on your mobile device.

Create your tale your way. Create your virtual village, family, and lifestyle! Create and create dream homes that highlight your interior design abilities and personal taste. Expand your Sim Town and watch your community flourish as you accumulate more Simoleons.


Play in real time and take control of your virtual environment! Life can change for each of your Sims as they evolve throughout time. Choose their routes in love, romance, partnerships, and marriage. Build your community with Sim virtual families and watch them grow and mature from babies to elders. Create to achieve goals, earn Simoleons, and collect rewards. Create exciting and fulfilling life pathways for your Sims and watch them thrive!

Choose every element of your Sims' lives, including occupations, appearance, personality, and more! Then, witness how their stories unfold! Love and romance, or turmoil and breakups? The choice is always yours.

Download The Sims FreePlay to start your fantasy life today!


Create their story:

  • Customize each facet of your Sims' lives.
  • Choose what jobs your Sims will have, and watch them succeed.
  • Life simulations from babies to elderly allow you to observe each stage of their virtual lives.
  • Watch as your Sims experience love, passion, partnerships, and marriage!

Virtual Community:

  • Build a town and make your own virtual environment.
  • Create up to 34 Sims of your own!
  • Build your community as you earn more Simoleons.
  • Grow your town by adding a pet store, auto dealership, shopping mall, and more!



  • Combines home design with virtual reality!
  • Design and create fantasy mansions with swimming pools, many storeys, and amazing design.
  • Choose a Sim and customize their appearance from head to toe.
  • Customize your Sims' personalities, interests, and more!

Real Life Connect:

  • Virtual villages make real-world friends!
  • Choose to go to your friends' Sim Towns and build new relationships.
  • Compare your design talents to theirs as you look at the homes they've personally designed!

Virtual life is calling, what will you create?

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