The Seven Deadly Sins

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The Seven Deadly Sins

The world of Skyna has become enveloped within the chaos of darkness. Will you become the one who saves the world?

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Game Description

The breathtaking animation game that captivated the entire world! Discover the original anime and all of its unforgettable battles!



Dynamic fighting with a talent ranking system and devastating final moves!

  • Combine skill cards to advance in rank!
  • Use and combine skills to activate an 'Ultimate Move'
  • 'Combined Attacks' are used by heroes with strong 'Associations' to perform more powerful ultimate moves!

Various PvE mechanisms that are faithful to the original anime!

  • 'Death Match' is a real time 2 player co op mode in which you destroy nasty demons.
  • Difficult tasks to help you create stronger heroes in the 'Training Grotto!'
  • Every season, a new set of progressively more powerful foes appears in the 'Tower of Trials!'
  • Have the Seven Deadly Sins turned evil? Take on 'Final Boss' tasks!

Characters with distinct appearances and clothes!

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross features never before seen creative costumes accessible only in the game!
  • Customize each collectible figure to reflect your personal taste!

Thorough and accurate recreation of the original anime!

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a flawless recreation of the original anime world!
  • The narrative of the Holy War, which ended 3,000 years ago, continues again.
  • Prepare for the Holy War with the original story's characters portrayed in high quality 3D animation!

In real time PvP, use your own tactics!


  • Compete against other players by constructing unique teams and putting the synergies of the characters you acquire to the test!
  • Compete in real time PvP with gamers from all over the world!

Join a Knighthood and take advantage of the numerous guild features!

  • Collaborate with Knighthood members all over the world to attain greater success!
  • With your guild members, defeat the fearsome Knighthood boss battles that differ every season!
  • Collaborate to prepare for battle while competing against Knighthoods from around the world!

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