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The Sense Point

A fascinating, bright, and colorful world fashioned entirely of clay awaits!

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Game Description

In 'The Sense Point,' the main protagonists, Sen and Po, must unearth the secrets of an entire island floating somewhere in the great universe. The world is enigmatic, lively, and colorful, and it is totally made of clay. How did the heroes get here, and why is there no one else on the island? Or perhaps someone is present after all! Who knows what the essence of existence is? Perhaps this intriguing universe contains the answers. This completely plasticine-built Puzzle & Adventure Game will transport you back to childhood, when everything was vibrant and exciting, and everything was yet to come.



Please read the following before starting the game:

  • The Sense Point has been named 'Game of the Day' in the App Store in 160 countries worldwide.
  • This game was created by two devoted fans.
  • The painstaking process of building a clay world and meticulously animating each place took over six years.
  • The Sense Point is an immersive adventure puzzle game made completely of clay. It proudly belongs to the independent game genre.
  • The first section of the game is free. You will have the option to visit numerous locales and solve the first round of riddles. After completing the free segment, you will be given the choice to purchase the full edition of the game.
  • While the game may be challenging, using the hint system will dramatically improve your gameplay experience.
  • Depending on how you use hints, the first chapter can last anywhere from one to four hours.
  • The second chapter is presently in development and will be included with your initial purchase on the release date.
  • Each time you start a new game, you'll find different ways to complete the riddles.

We wish you success in completing the first chapter!

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