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The Real Juggle

Test your juggling skills!

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Game Description

Test out your juggling abilities! In The Real Juggle, you may let loose and unleash your inner pro. How much time can you maintain the ball in the air? Can you hold it while you stall? Don't drop it, but it's enjoyable and simple to pick up. In no time, you'll be prepared for the World Cup!

Open additional modes to put your talents to the test. This game has it all, including hoops, bricks, and freestyle! Can you perform the renowned twice around the world trick?



1. Test your knowledge: How much time can you maintain the ball in the air? How much juggling can you do? How's the stall game going? Play this simple to learn but challenging to master game to find out. What types of ruses are you capable of?

2. Physics for realistic soccer: The most true-to-life soccer simulation game. Maintain the ball in the air by controlling your feet. Only the most talented athletes can keep the ball in play while standing.

3. Put yourself through new challenges: This game has it everything, whether you want to destroy bricks, shoot hoops, or just freestyle to try out new moves.


4. Obtain fresh skins: Play as your favorite international stars. Change the starting point for your developing soccer abilities. countless combinations and options.

The Real Juggle will take you there whether you prefer soccer, juggling balls, or just want to tap and play. The most enjoyable and realistic soccer simulation game is this one. The Real Juggle may be difficult to put down.

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