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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Welcome, to the Age of Piracy!

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Game Description

Hail to the captain!

Sail into the heart of the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy, with black flags and white skulls, azure waters and rich opportunities.


Hoist the Jolly Roger and take the wheel as you sail through fights, raids, ransoms, and treasures to become the Crimson King of the Antilles!


  • There are 18 classes of ships.
  • Unlimited fleet size
  • Control of many ships during clashes.
  • Ship-to-fort combat with massive mortars
  • Five types of ammunition: cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot bombs, and doubles.
  • Special weapons include explosive barrels, burning oil, battering rams, and pre-boarding strikes.
  • 30 Ship Upgrades
  • Character development, experience gain, and leveling up
  • 20 captain skills, which unlock additional game elements and possibilities.
  • Accurate sailing model, distances, and time of passage
  • There are hundreds of islands, dozens of ports.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Building construction and upgrades.
  • Several players held bases.
  • An infinite amount of maritime fights of a few kinds. Merchants, smugglers, convoys, military, treasure galeon, pirate war, escort.
  • A story-driven ad set in a living universe full of people.
  • Repute in five nations.
  • Compete against other players in multiplayer PvP and PvE modes.

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