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That's a Cow

An incredibly milky, destructive, yet super fun game!

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Game Description

You play as a little cow with the ability to fly on its own jet of milk. Rotate the cow to direct her flight. Use the milk jet to go faster, fly higher, push physical items, conquer barriers, and defeat adversaries with plungers, that are both adorable and terrifying. Did I mention they've got a plunger?

Gather all of the coins and use them to play on the special toy machine with the toy cows. Unlock additional cows and create your own unique cow collection. You may also win one of the extremely rare cows with a one of a kind jet. Yep, cows with more than just milk gushing out of them exist! Isn't it incredible?


What to do?

  • Use the milk jet to run, fly, and fight
  • Play a cow themed toy machine
  • Create your own cow collection
  • Cause milky destruction and mayhem
  • Have some milk flavored fun


  • Very simple controls and limitless possibilities
  • A really enjoyable and dynamic 3D platformer
  • Over 100 fantastic handcrafted levels
  • More than 20 unusual and adorable cows
  • An excellent and adorable art style

Now is the time to play this milk flavored game!

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