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Find your own treasure!

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Game Description

Welcome to the world of TERAVIT, a player created sandbox game!

TERAVIT is a sandbox game in which players can design their own worlds and share them with other players, resulting in an infinite number of play options.


Obstacle courses, PvP, races, and monster hunts are just a few of the interesting game modes available in TERAVIT.

TERAVIT has three main features:


Create the planet in whatever way you choose!

  • You may construct a totally customized environment by selecting from over 250 different biomes, changing island sizes, turning structures on and off, and more. You may build all kinds of worlds of various sizes using over a hundred different types of bricks!

Anyone can build it!

  • Anyone may simply construct a universe that is both amusing and visually appealing by putting bricks with simple principles.

Play in the world you've built!

  • Different game rules can be set in your created environment. You can even change the world's surroundings, such as the weather and background music, with a single click, allowing you to freely build the game you imagined. You can customize event sequences by using the 'Event Editor,' which includes NPC quest talks, launching event battles, and managing camera work.


Enjoy entertaining and one of a kind original avatars!

  • You can design your own unique persona by combining avatar customization pieces!

Packed with action!

  • Along with a variety of weaponry such as swords and bows. TERAVIT also provides innovative modes of transportation, such as a 'Paraglider' that allows you to glide through the air and a 'Hookshot' that allows you to fly anywhere you choose.

Explore the world with various weapons and goods!


Share it once you've finished it!

  • Once your planet is finished, post it and share it with other players all around the world. Uploaded worlds can also be played in multiplayer with other users. It is also possible to play in the worlds of other gamers.

Whether you prefer creating with friends, going on adventures, or competing for top scores, the universe of TERAVIT has it all.


Recommended for those who want to:

  • Create your own game!
  • Display your creations for others!
  • Set out on an adventure in a pixelated universe!
  • Make structures just for them!
  • Play a thrilling multiplayer game with your pals!
  • Make anything with pixelated blocks!

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