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Tales of Wind

An action MMORPG with attractive characters and a relaxing experience

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Game Description

Welcome, chosen one.

La Place, the divinely gifted city, is currently under the shadow of evil. We need your ability to uncover the truth and restore the light.


An action MMO RPG with attractive characters and a relaxing experience.

  • Customize yourself with a variety of costumes.
  • Capture and travel with adorable pets and mounts.

Cards of Power.

  • Defeat formidable monsters and seal them in soul Cards to gain higher strength.

Explore a big globe for great wealth and treasure with your pals.

  • Real-time PVE gameplay necessitates good co-op.

Tons of gameplay modes.

  • Over 20 different gaming options, including racing, shooting, and quizzes.

Meet your romance during your adventure.

  • Meet your soul partner along the journey
  • Complete the 2-player tasks using your wisdom and courage.
  • Promise your love in church to all your pals.
  • Manage the farm only for you two.

Value yourself, and empower the kingdom.

  • Complete the kingdom mission alongside players from all over the world to advance the path of history.

Pledge yourself to the guild.


  • Defeat other guilds with your strategy and power in various GVG modes.
  • Party, feast, and quiz events; enjoy guild life.

Challenge gamers all across the world, and utilize tactics to vanquish your opponents.

  • Compete for higher ranks in real-time PVP.
  • Create your own elite team and compete for ACE.

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