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tatk op is a mobile symphonic RPG game that guides the world back to harmony

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Game Description

Music is a lamp that shines in the darkness of our hearts.

However, on a specific day around 2020 in the Western calendar, a 'Dissonant Meteorite' abruptly fell from the sky, bringing with it monsters known as 'D2.' This monster despises all types of 'music' and destroys mankind and the world that like it.


The world has lost music since then.

However, 'Music' has once again given humanity power as a beacon of hope.

The power of music scores is used by the girls known as 'Musicart' to confront these creatures. They have the key to the world's salvation.

Players will take on the role of a conductor, guiding these ladies and battling with them to preserve the world.

Conductors, the earth is still filled with the roar of the 'D2' monster, and the threat of human people remains.

Here is where the narrative of recovering hope begins. Let us take up the baton in Symphonica and unravel the story's mystery!

Here we go with 'takt op.'

Music's Power: The Girls Who Became 'Musicarts'

LAM, a well known Japanese illustrator, is in charge of character design for the game.

'Musicarts' with various individuals who have received the power of great music such as Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in c minor Op.67 or Mozart's 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' will all appear in the game.

To win the battle, use ideal tactics.

The fight to reclaim hope has begun, and it is now up to you to lead it all.

Place players strategically to activate skills and various effects at the proper time.

To win the war, you must use sound judgment and follow proper directions.

Playable components include puzzle solving and mini-games.

The biggest thrill of adventure is resolving many unsolved mysteries.

Dungeons and missions with varied puzzle solving aspects await players in the game.

Let's go into the realm of 'takt op.' and discover the never ending story.

Explore a big globe on an adventure.

In addition to 'Symphonica' as the fortress, players can freely explore numerous places in the game.

For example, gamers can converse with the Musicarts or take a break in the café to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere at their leisure.

Deep emotions and touching stories


There are over 25 'Musicarts' in the game, each with their own musical soundtrack and personality. Players will have to live with them while fighting D2, experiencing the plots and duties that are unique to each of them.

To deepen their feelings and build a strong relationship, players must continue to communicate to them and progressively comprehend their hearts.

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