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Tacticool is a fast-paced 5v5 top-down shooter in which collaboration and tactics are essential for victory!

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Game Description

Tacticool is a fast paced 5v5 top down shooter in which collaboration and tactics are essential for victory. You can play in a variety of genres thanks to the variety of heroes and real life weapons. Immersive settings and fast paced environments can be your friend or foe. You can disobey the rules, go crazy, chase your enemies in cars, and have a lot of fun in this game.

Tacticool provides three minute PvP and PvE encounters. Play with your real pals online or meet new people from all around the world! Create combat tactics, research hundreds of different operator and weapon combinations, and lead your team to victory. Tacticool is a strong global community of tough guys that gather in game clans and become true friends.


Tacticool game modes include:

5V5 BASIC MODES INCLUDE: Capture the Bag, Control, and Team Deathmatch.

SPECIAL MODES: Battle Royale, Operation Descent: a three player team battles a horde of undead.


More than 80 weapons are available, including shotguns, knives, grenades, mines, RPGs, C4, Adrenaline, Landau, Gravity Gun, Sniper Gun, and others. Bring your powerful weapons to the battlefield!

Up to 30 characters can be customized. Every hero has their own special abilities. So be inventive, blend presets, and experiment. What type of operator do you want to be today? Sniper, attacker, defender, or perhaps support? It is all up to you.

There are 19 distinct locales and environments to explore. Choose from one of 19 game maps with a realistic setting. Everything on the map can be used to achieve your objectives: throw objects, blow up fences, chase enemies in cars, and hit them. The maps are designed to make you feel as if you're on a real life battlefield. Arrange awesome war games online with auto aiming!

Car clashes and intense gang warfare with your squad. For a more dynamic gameplay experience, shoot straight from the car or stage an accident. Keep an eye out for moving trains. They can hit you in seconds!

Updates on a regular basis, new events, and new fun gun game components. Tacticool 5v5 game will never boring you. During events, you can gain fresh gameplay experience to help you improve your killing and shooting abilities.


Tacticool allows you to play online with your friends and make new ones! Clan up, because that's where the game begins! Use voice chat to share your knowledge and communicate with teammates, change strategies in action, and convey feelings.

This action game is all about strategy. The third person perspective allows you to control the situation on the battlefield and devise numerous strategies. Set up a trap for the adversary by sending a sniper or a special forces group. Have fun leveling up your account and honing your skills and tactics. The triumph based on abilities is far superior!

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