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Taco: Hamster Hero

Help Taco the Hamster fight to save his home!

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Game Description

Taco the Hamster battles for his home! Craft, battle, survive, and conquer!

Taco the Hamster's previously quiet home is under attack! Creatures lurk around every corner!


Taco the Hamster, drawn by fate and the wind's whispers, emerges as a light of hope!

As a courageous warrior and survivor, Taco embarks on an epic journey to battle the threatening opponents and restore peace!

The opponents are crafty and numerous; one wrong move could be Taco's demise!

However, against all odds and with the will to survive, Taco's resolve and your abilities will pave the way to victory!



  • Fight tough battles against more than 100 foes at once and defeat them with Taco's strength and creativity!
  • Use simple one-handed controls to guide Taco to glory!
  • Immerse yourself in the unique roguelike gameplay and experiment with limitless skill combinations to customize Taco's abilities!
  • Customize Taco with a variety of costumes, each with distinct abilities and styles to enhance the gameplay experience!
  • Push yourself through intense stages, each with its own unique flavor of danger and pleasure!

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