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Survivor Z

Dive into a world overrun by walking dead and put your talents to the test!

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Game Description

Survivor Z is the ultimate zombie game that includes fierce zombie shooting, looting, and base expansion. Dive into a world overrun by the dead, where your skills will be tested as you navigate through a zombie apocalypse, forage for necessary supplies, and upgrade your weaponry to confront the challenges that await.

Shoot Zombies


  • Immerse yourself in a spectacular zombie shooting experience. Your survival is dependent on your accuracy and quick reflexes. Traverse through many stages, using tactical techniques to outwit opponents and protect your fortress from swarms of undead attackers!

Collect Loot

  • Each level is crammed with loot boxes, chests, and racks full of weapons, money, skulls, equipment tickets, and objects that may be converted into coins.

Weapon Unlocks

  • As you go through the levels, you will be able to use epic weaponry. Upgrade, equip, or merge them to improve your offensive skills in the face of the unrelenting walkers' attacks.

Merge and Evolve

  • Gather RPG-style stuff to improve your character and fight against foolish zombies. Upgrade and combine parts ranging from basic to epic, and prepare for zombie defense to ensure your survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

Deafeat Bosses

  • Confront powerful zombie bosses, each more difficult than the last. Use your upgraded weapons and skills to vanquish them and get precious rewards.

Hulk Mode

  • In certain stages, you can transform into a hulk and use brute power to annihilate adversaries. The dead will have no idea what hit them!

Base Expansion

  • Build and extend your base to improve your defense and survival chances. Expand your safe haven from the walking dead and defend yourself against a zombie attack. Use skulls from missions to upgrade your base between stages.

Unlock Challenges

  • Survivor Z includes a number of challenges that will put your zombie defense and survival skills to the test while also earning you additional rewards. Face off against a zombie wave on dangerously unstable, lava-filled planets in these particularly difficult levels.

Make Money


  • Manage your inventory wisely by selling weapons that you no longer require. Collect coins to enhance your gear, unlock new weapons, and fortify your base.

Survivor Z is a dynamic blend of action, strategy, and survival as you navigate a zombie-infested planet. They are approaching, and your ultimate goal is to thrive in the face of the walkers' attack. Are you prepared to face the obstacles, build your base, and emerge as the ultimate survivor in this exciting post-apocalyptic adventure?

Download now and start your survival journey with Survivor Z!

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