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Supermarket Manager

Run your own supermarket!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Supermarket Manager Simulator 3D is a task that will put your strategic and managerial abilities to the test. It's more than simply a game. Look at how a real grocery store is managed!

Take charge of your own shop!


Fruit, veggies, burgers, meat, chips, and fries. Whether it's eggs, cheese, cereal for breakfast, juices, or milk, place your inexpensive online orders and stock your shelves with them. Increase the size of your store and offer the greatest customer service. To ensure that the products sell rapidly, develop promotions, and establish competitive prices. Watch out for thieves while handling cash and credit card payments. Perhaps you will require security to stop any thieves simulating taking anything from your shop? Renovations, wall painting, or the hanging of fresh lights and decorations will all become required with time. All of this will be done in the expansive, lifelike 3D world of a grocery simulator. Stay afloat and enjoy yourself. Attain tangible success.

In the most engrossing mobile simulation game, Supermarket Manager Simulator, assume the position of a manager! Launch your store and start from the ground up to create the ideal supermarket out of a tiny shop. Take charge as manager and turn your store into something special.

Maintain Inventory: Always have shelves stocked. To draw clients, place orders, haggle about costs, and keep up with the latest fashions.

You can freely customize your supermarket in this 3D simulation game by altering the look of your store and selecting themes, colors, and decorations that best suit your personal taste.

Increase the variety of products you offer: Unlock fresh goods, events, and offerings that will please even the pickiest clients.

Manage Staff: To guarantee the highest level of customer service and operational effectiveness, hire, develop, and inspire personnel.


Ensure customer satisfaction by keeping an eye on their requirements and listening to their comments. Maintain excellent service standards to create a loyal clientele.

Unlock a ton of new goods, including sushi, crab sticks, and chips! Enjoy yourself and build that fantastic store! You can personalize your store and purchase fruits, vegetables, and even sunglasses.

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