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Super Slime

Eat everything in sight to become THE Super Slime!

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Game Description

Let's consume everything in sight and become the world's super slime!

As an Earth invader, you want to EAT THE WORLD! As a super slime, everything is prey. You begin as a little, charming slime that consumes barely visible objects, but someone must be cautious. You may rapidly expand and demolish a whole city in seconds!


Super Slime is a game about a black hole that swallows everything in its path! Your mouth is a black hole that consumes anything smaller than itself. To eat larger objects, glide fluidly like a snake, and consume more and more.

From seeds and fruits to fences, persons, trees, houses, markets, skyscrapers, and even cities. Wherever you are, you are the world's predator, and everything around you is prey. Determine how much you can swallow before time runs out.

Finally, you'll have to combat a gigantic monster enemy with what you've consumed in this black hole game. Can you grow big enough to battle it? Can you be the genuine Super Slime?

Don't forget about your purpose on this eating adventure! Find the objective and swallow it within the allotted time. It will make the eating game more exciting and fierce!

Play without WiFi! You may also play this game for free without an internet connection! This offline game is ideal for passing the time during a lengthy car ride.


This fascinating game will captivate you with its basic gameplay and the joy of destroying everything via consumption.

Become a charming invading villain in Super Slime and destroy every city you come across!

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