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Super Mombo Quest

Super Mombo Quest is a high-octane precision Medtroidvania platformer

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Game Description

Super Mombo Quest is a high octane precision platformer! A Metroidvania with traditional arcade principles, chaotic action, difficult combos, and tons of goodies, all in a massive linked universe!

On hundreds of stages, find the right combination!


Journey across a massively interconnected globe made up of hundreds of locations, each with its own set of difficult adversaries. Some will pursue you, some will shoot at you, and still others will soar around... Some are highly hazardous! Can you outrun them all in a perfect combination?

Special abilities allow you to personalize your gameplay!

Unlock new Mombo forms to reach previously unimaginable speeds! And then use them to your advantage to discover secrets and create powerful combinations!

Speak to NPCs, buy things, and level up!

If the intensity becomes too much for you, relax and talk with the Subrosa guardians. They will almost definitely offer products and enhancements to help you push yourself even further.


Subrosa's lands must be saved!

Don't let the terrible Lord of Nightmares devastate Subrosa. Demonstrate that you are the long awaited prophesied hero. Everyone relies on you and your enormous tongue! Are you ready to take the plunge?

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