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Super Fowlst 2

There is only one chicken that can defeat the nastiest demons!

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Game Description

Fowlst makes a comeback in a brand new adventure that revolves around taking out bad guys, avoiding danger, and making money. There are a ton of fresh power ups, awesome new skills, and a swarm of fresh adversaries for you to use them on!



  • Greater, more captivating levels.
  • Endless stages that change each time you play.
  • Easy to use controls: touch the left or right side of the screen to go left or right and swipe up to use the object you are now holding.
  • Controller assistance
  • Demons that are spiky, whirling, flatulent, large snakes, and many more.
  • Mechs are present. You can control enormous robots!
  • You may wreak havoc on anything beneath you with the help of a strong new body slam ability!
  • Increase the number of power-ups in your inventory!
  • Portals Cannons! a buzz saw! Strange things! Fire!
  • There will be more bosses after these five!
  • Every day, a new bonus treasure must be found in order to earn tons of extra money.
  • A bizarre cast of characters that can be unlocked.
  • Increased explosions!

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