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Strange Hill

A thrilling open-world adventure in an interactive enviornment with intriguing guests

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Game Description

This is a third person adventure thriller featuring an open universe and an interactive setting. Solve puzzles and discover the secrets of Strange Hill City's sinister Dr. Wood and his aide Gloria.

Your adventure begins in the strange town of Strange Hill, where you'll meet strange creatures and the people that live there. You'll find a plethora of valuable and one of a kind goods to engage with here. You can learn more about the townspeople's backgrounds and fates by doing activities for them. You'll befriend a robot named Ben, and you'll be accompanied by a hopper named Howard. The game is filled with a plethora of puzzles and easter eggs. Finding them all will be difficult, but doing so will provide you with enormous pleasure and wonderful surprises.


You're about to solve the mystery of your mysterious neighbor, Dr. Wood. You'll meet hoppers, help resolve age old feuds between competing clans, travel between worlds, and this is just a taste of a cosmos that is always evolving.

The game will be updated and extended on a regular basis each month, we'll provide new enhancements, enhancing your experience and introducing new levels and secrets.

Have a good time at Strange Hill!

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