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Answer the call of the hidden treasures! Ready, aim, fire!

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Game Description

The mysterious and dangerous hidden Treasure Island is below your feet. You must use your greatest tools, including your unrivaled intelligence, flawless aim, and unwavering focus, to survive this merciless world.

Hundreds of levels


300 difficult levels are waiting for you. Apply your judgment and identify the quickest solution to each puzzle. Here are some free tips: Being a great competitor needs more than just making the right decision; it also calls for advance planning, timing judgment, and, most crucially, exact execution.

Venture into the mist

Use your sense of adventure to uncover the hidden treasures, vanquish enigmatic ghosts, and fend off the fearsome Sea Monster on the mist-covered Treasure Island!


Gather treasures to restore historic artifacts and unlock mysteries that even words cannot reveal

They will be your biggest support through the difficulties and the best treasure you'll ever find on this voyage, so strengthen your Stronghold and form a powerful alliance with others on the Treasure Isle!

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