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Stone Story

Conquer an expansive world filled with monsters, mysteries, and treasure!

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Game Description

A single stone might change everything in a realm of endless darkness.



Defend a large planet teeming with monsters, riddles, and wealth!

  • The Dark World is full of secrets just waiting to be explored! Set out on an epic quest to reunite nine magical Soul Stones and restore the light.

Utilize deceptively basic fighting to overpower your opponents!

  • Stone Story RPG is a game that is simple to learn but difficult to master. A powerful AI handles all of the exploration, combat, and looting, freeing you up to focus on strategy!

Infinite hours of awe await you, Stonehead!

  • Your experience has only just begun! Explore everything Stone Story RPG has to offer, including sidequests, minigames, challenge events, and more!

Build your ASCII arsenal!

  • Explore Stone Story RPG's intriguing crafting system to find many unique weapons. Combine weapons to create new, stronger weapons!

As you go through the game, you will face progressively difficult foes!

  • An explorer is only as good as their equipment. Collect a wide range of unique weapons and upgrade them to unfathomable levels! The gods' power is in your hands.

Become engrossed in a beautifully designed ASCII universe!


  • In Stone Story RPG, every piece of ASCII animation is typed up character by character. Hundreds of frames of animation bring to life 8 different complex settings.

With Stonescript, you can realize your full potential!

  • Stonescript provides a blank canvas for the most daring adventurers to construct their masterpiece. Create your own cosmetics, minigames, and superhuman abilities by fine tuning the AI!

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