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Stickman Dismounting

Launch your Stickman and cause maximum damage!

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Game Description

Stickman Dismounting Max is a crash simulation game in which you can let your destructive side loose on the stickman. In this spectacular dismount game, select from a variety of vehicles, positions, and stunts to launch the stickman and cause maximum damage.



  • Motorcycles, jeeps, bulldozers, beds, chairs, and other unusual vehicles
  • Landscape variations include stunt stair falls, long sliding slopes, jigsaw arrays, and arrow barriers.
  • Learn how to drive, shoot, box, and do kendo.
  • More than 18 levels with various stickman features.

There are four skill paths to master: driving, shooting, boxing, and kendo.


  • Choose a vehicle, launch the stickman with flair, perform stunts, and fly over jigsaws for maximum damage.


  • Command a battleship, remove adversaries in your path, and improve your firing abilities.



  • Engage in one on one fighting, defeat challenging boxing opponents, and grow into a strong fighter.


  • Train with Far East kendo experts, keep calm and swift, and use the deadliest swords to eliminate foes.

Stickman Dismounting Max will take you on a voyage of skill, destruction, and thrill!

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