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Stellar Fantasy

Enter a large, feature-rich 3D battlefield and experience sceneries from antiquity turned into a futuristic city!

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Game Description

You've never seen an open-world fantasy massively multiplayer online game like Stellar Fantasy: Neverland.

The moment the star falls, a space-time hole that was previously only visible in dreams opens up. Goodbye to the past. You are free to be whoever you desire to be going forward!


Enter a large, feature-rich 3D battlefield and experience scenes from antiquity turned into a futuristic city! Join forces with friends and strangers to conquer obstacles and experience a new beginning. Make a difference in the world and leave a magnificent legacy!

A Different Battle Experience: Do you want to feel the excitement of ONE against MANY?

Alternative Home System: How about constructing a house and inviting your friends over for a drink?

Different Class Career: How about working as an assassin at night and as a farmer during the day?

The story begins with an ancient guy who travels to a highly technologically advanced future and returns with legendary fighting prowess. Once you choose a course of action, the story starts.


Character Swap

  • Take on any persona you choose!
  • Do you want to work as an architect? Yes, of course!
  • An interest in farming? Alright!
  • Wish to work as an assassin? Not a problem!
  • Not only may you choose a character to start your journey with in Stellar Fantasy, but you can also take on multiple personas including Summoner, Hermit, and Assassin. With just one character you design, you can also change into a God, a Lancer, a Mech, and many more.

Explorer Partners

  • Fight alongside allies!
  • Ride distinctive Mounts and gather adorable Pets. Allow them to accompany you and support you on your journey! Both have the potential to develop into stronger variations with stylish looks! Take your pals on a journey as you use your Mech to take on bosses of all kinds!

House Switch

  • Construct the house of your dreams!
  • Sweet, cozy home! Use your imagination to create unique furniture arrangements for your house. Next, arrange a feast for your pals and invite them over. It's time to showcase your culinary prowess!

Romantic Transition

  • PVP and Cross-Server marriage!
  • Distance is not an obstacle anymore. It is an exclusive function that allows you to marry a player from a different server. You will be able to defeat dungeons together in addition to being able to conceive jointly. Romance is on the way!

Takeover Battlefield


  • The Battlefield of Four Kingdoms in real time!
  • You are not alone in facing the innumerable challenges that lie ahead. Join your allies in defending the nation on a vast field. It all comes down to surpassing boundaries, abilities, and tactics!

Makeover with Costumes

  • Create your own style!
  • Choose your favorite character type, then accessorize your appearance with gorgeous armor and weapons. Discover your potential for beauty!

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