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Sqube Darkness

Run, jump, and hide in this action-packed platformer! Can you obtain the highest score?

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Game Description

Assume the role of a heroic cube navigating tricky geometric problems and blockjumps. In a universe of black and white geometric shapes, jump free and run for freedom.

Difficult but rewarding gameplay!


  • Sqube Darkness is a platformer geometry cube game with deadly monsters and severe obstacles. To avoid the Eyes' attacks, players must use their reflexes to jump and run at the right time.
  • Running games are quite popular, however, Sqube Darkness does not follow the geometry formula used in other types of freeball games. There are numerous interesting levels, and you will never tire of run and leap action.

Various ways to play!

  • To sprint and jump, players can use either swipe or on screen button controls. This free run game is completely free, and all cubes can experience block jumping however they want. You will constantly feel sharp in this game, which features stunning geometric forms and dashes!

Improve your stats and skills!

  • Each temple run gives you stat points to help you build your heroic cube character. Buy boosters to improve your running and jumping abilities. As a free run cube, you'll always find methods to improve your geometric cube persona.

Challenge the globe!


  • Set a high score and compare yourself to other players across the world. Subway surfing may be fantastic at this game, but you can improve your run and jump skills. Control your geometry cube properly to reach the top ranks!


  • Flexible gameplay with two separate control methods: buttons and swipe.
  • Difficult but rewarding gaming.
  • It is safe to play and falls under the category of 'games for kids.'
  • The stunning images will make you feel like a cube in a geometric world.
  • After each playtime, improve your running and jumping talents by purchasing boosters.
  • Completely free gaming experience.
  • No internet connection is necessary.
  • Regular upgrades will include new game modes and challenges.
  • Fun for all ages: The ideal game for family and friend gatherings!
  • Download this entertaining game for free.
  • Excellent mental exercise.
  • The game play is simple but incredibly addictive.
  • Play without the Internet.
  • Play offline.

Have fun!

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