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The Bone Dungeon, full of danger & treasure, awaits

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Game Description

The Bone Dungeon, full of danger and treasure, awaits!

Take up your powerful weapon,


Accept your dependable protection,

Put on your high heels and GO!

In this Rogue lite game of fast-paced battle and memorization, smite enemies at breakneck speed.

Fight the Bone King and his legions of skeletal monsters to make your bid for freedom.



  • In your wooden clogs or soft slippers, race against the clock
  • Using amazing weaponry, hack, slash, fish slap, or fly swat foes
  • Memorize adversary patterns to outwit even the most cunning adversaries
  • Gather all of the monsters in your bestiary
  • Stock your shelves with valuable lost antiques
  • Dress to impress and wow your adversaries with that fashionable disco wig
  • In endless mode, test your daring and try to get the greatest score
  • Playing with one hand...you'll need a free hand to yank your hair out!

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