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Boori's Spooky Tales

A relaxing idle rpg for all ages

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Game Description

It was a period when ghosts were common. Boori, the exorcist, had his body stolen by a ghost, and just managed to stay alive...inside the crow's body.

Will Boori be able to wreak revenge on the ghosts and revert to human form?


Engage in battle on your ghost-hunting escapades.

  • Auto-idle battles against swarms of ghosts!
  • Flick your charms and unleash your abilities!

Master the ultimate skills.

  • Enhance the seven categories of talents indefinitely, including Flame, Water, and Darkness!
  • Inflict better damage and battle with vivid abilities!

Become the finest ghost-hunter.

  • Want more power? Beating the Elemental will get you promoted!
  • Collect unique costumes while you're at it!

Destroy the boss dungeon


  • Dodge and attack! Use your rapid controls!
  • Kill the boss ghosts in the Hell and Afterlife Dungeons in no time!

Become more powerful than ever.

  • Divine Beast: Pray to the Divine Beasts and summon their spirits!
  • Raid: Gather the ghosts and sweep as many as possible!
  • Equipment: Finish the magnificent Exorcist Sword!

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