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Space Raiders

You're humanity's last hope against the alien puppeteers who have taken over the Galaxy!

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Game Description

The Earth as we knew it has vanished. What's remained of humanity currently lives on an asteroid called Lutetia, which is concealed in space. You are a space raider, humanity's final hope against the puppeteers who have taken control of all intelligent species in the Galaxy.



  • A universe where even the smallest aspects are carefully considered, each with its own mysterious and intriguing history.
  • A globe populated by a wide range of odd animals.
  • Exciting adventures and stories that beg to be told again and again.
  • Tactical encounters with aliens in which utilizing your intellect is more crucial than tapping the screen quickly.
  • Your decisions will help to shape the game's story.
  • Create and improve character features, battle bots, space suits, and starship modules, among other things.
  • Travel across hyperspace to many planetary systems
  • Gather ore and organic matter for the ship's Converter.

This game is not for individuals who dislike reading and prefer one-button battles. Our game is for individuals who grew up playing games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and X-COM.

Are you tired of just 'kill them all' or 'hey Chosen One', can you help me out games? Then Space Raiders RPG's chaotic world is for you!

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